Keeping House

While I work on the next epic post, I have made a few minor changes here and there around the site. One is that if you look at the bottom of the sidebar you’ll now see some entries from my Tumblr blog. So yeah, that means it’s pretty much a blog within a blog. I use Tumblr for most of the things that ironSoap used to do before it became my essay writing venue. Not sure why, but Tumblr feels better suited for quick, disposable blog posts about movies or links or sports and now they’re all included here as well so you don’t have to go hunting for anything.

I’ve also updated a few of the static pages since the content on those goes out of date from time to time. None of it is all that thrilling but there are a couple of additions to the 10 Random… page and I’ve modified some of my Contact information to better reflect current truth.

Additionally I’ve included a little gizmo that shows the search queries people are using to find the site. I used to post these as something kind of strange and funny and cool as individual blog posts but I don’t see any harm in having them just generated for all to see. Enjoy. Or not, I’m not the boss of you.

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