I Have Proof

I finally finished my photo essay which chronicles in a poignant way just exactly how bizarre my workplace can be. Each photo has been documented and annotated so you don’t have to scratch your head wondering why Pepsi is weird. I should apologize for the quality of the pictures: Most of them are pretty bad, photography-wise. Also I realized that I have my camera settings way too dark which applies to both indoor and outdoor shots so I need to a) color correct my photos and b) break out the camera manual and figure out what I’m doing wrong. I think you’ll at least get the idea.

Also, while I’m linking stuff, I’ve been working my way through the new-in-2006 albums I acquired last year and doing mini-reviews of them in my Last.fm journal. I still have a half dozen or so more to go, but parts one and two are all set to go right now.

Other than that I don’t have too much to report. Heroes was really good last night (it’s amazing how in two episodes they managed to undo a lot of the tedium of the Niki storyline and make it exciting, although DL’s non-role last night was a bit odd) and I thought last week’s Lost return was pretty solid as well. Work is still occasionally throwing me for a loop especially when people try to helpfully schedule events around my on-duty hours. I genuinely appreciate the courtesy but in all honesty I don’t have much gumption after a night of work: Ten hour days make for a nice brief week but they have their downsides. I, of course, realize that not everything can happen on Thursdays and Fridays and it makes logical sense to have appointments at noon or one in the afternoon; but the way I have tried to set up my sleep patterns makes that sort of plan stressful since I seem to feel like I’m constantly checking the clock and doing mental calculations for how much sleep I’m losing.

I guess that’s really kind of dumb anyway since no matter what I do I end up getting behind in sleep by the end of my week. Tonight, for example, will be a long one. But at least I have nice lengthy weekends to recover. At any rate all of this is likely to change in the fairly near future anyway since there are some changes a-comin’ within the team and actually in the company as a whole. Mostly these are good changes, so it is—as far as I know—nothing but positive.

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2 thoughts on “I Have Proof

  1. scott

    Dude, your photo essay is super-cool. I wish my work was as crazy as yours.

    Well, sort of. Craziness is sometimes best in moderation.

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