Take a Spin With Me

I have writings in the works. But they aren’t done. As an appetizer, enjoy these links.

  • I don’t know that one other person agreeing with me counts as true validation, but Curmudgeon Gamer agrees with me about how the PS3 shortage will shake out in terms of the XBox 360.
  • Nintendo fanboy site Infendo waxes critical on the strength of the Wii as a legitimate next-gen contender. I totally understand what they’re saying: The Wii is so goofy that it might as well be called GameCube2. The GameCube was a nice little bit of hardware and it had some of the best individual games of any system in the current gen. The sorry part was that nearly all of those games were first party (or based on first party licenses) and there were vast, sprawling expanses of time between those games when there was just nothing to do with the GC except watch it collect dust or play Wind Waker for the 12th time. I hate to say it but I don’t see third party developers jumping all over themselves to build games specific to one company’s crazed idea about what makes a fun game. None of which necessarily erases the appeal of the Wii as a purchase for gamers, but I thought the whole point was to get new gamers excited or convince non-gamers to give it a shot. I keep thinking of people like my parents who really like games in general and have even had some fun playing video games in the past as the people Nintendo is talking about attracting with this new system. Then I watch videos from E3 of people playing Wii games and I just can’t imagine my folks going out and buying one of these systems. And what really has me sighing and shaking my head is that what no one seems to be realizing is that the key point at the top of the sheet with 48-point bold font that should be selling the Wii is the Virtual Console and GameCube backwards compatibility. Every Nintendo game for every Nintendo system in one box. Yes, please.
  • It’s been hard to admit that I once really thought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were cool. I could have coped with the cheesy cartoon show (which I didn’t think was too bad after all) and the original Turtles live-action(ish) movie was actually pretty good (having been lifted almost exactly from the original comic book). But the sequels to the movie were repugnant as they tried to blend the worst aspects of the cartoon with the lamest parts of the original movie. I’m not saying I’m ready to wave the TMNT-geek flag again just yet, but this 3D preview clip shows some real promise.
  • Don’t ask how I stumbled across this article, but I have to ask a couple of questions about the Ms. Wheelchair pageant and the ensuing scandal that rippled through its hallowed, storied legacy. First of all, they have a Ms. Wheelchair pageant? Call me insensitive but I thought the whole point of the handi-capable thing and all the surrounding Amercians with Disabilities brouhaha was supposed to get us all to believe that people in wheelchairs were just like everyone else and they could do whatever anyone else could. Assuming I’m not wrong, doesn’t it seem a bit contrary to that message to have to hold a separate pageant just for people with that particular condition? Also, there were only five contestants. And after all the protests and title-strippings, the third place girl won. Talk about your hollow victories: “Congratulations! You beat two other women to be crowned…!”
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2 thoughts on “Take a Spin With Me

  1. scott

    One note on the Virtual Console (which, I must agree, would be the major selling point for the Wii in my humble estimation) – you said every Nintendo game for every Nintendo console, but in the interest of being technical, i must ask if the Wii will be able to play Game Boy or GBA games. Because those are Nintendo consoles too. Don’t get me wrong, i think it would be absolutely brilliant for them to have the GB games playable on the Wii, but i haven’t heard anything to that effect yet. Maybe it’s some kind of resolution issue with the TV, who knows?

  2. ironsoap Post author

    It occurs to me that I’m not really sure about the GBA/Game Boy thing. I know they have the Game Boy Player which does what you describe (and pretty well from what I understand) but whether or not that will be a part of the Wii Virtual Console I don’t know.

    According to Nintendo’s site they say:

    Wii will have downloadable access to 20 years of fan-favorite titles originally released for Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and even the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The Virtual Console also will feature a “best of” selection from Sega Genesis titles and games from the TurboGrafx console (a system jointly developed by NEC and Hudson). It also will be home to new games conceived by indie developers whose creativity is larger than their budgets.

    That sort of suggests not so much with the GB/A titles, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. The thing that may make the difference is that they can reasonably assume that no one is really going out and paying them any more money at this time for NES/SNES/N64/GCN games once the Wii comes out. GB/A systems on the other hand are still actively supported platforms so they may not wish to cannibalize their existing markets.

    Which actually leads to an interesting thought: What if they sold GB/A games over the Virtual Console for the same price as retail? Would you download and play Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga on the Wii VC for $19.99?

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